Important Information: End of Year iPad Collection

The technology department is in the process of collecting iPads from the High School and Middle School students for the summer.

Middle School students (Grades 7 & 8):  You will need to turn in your ipads, cases and charger block and cable when you have completed your schoolwork for the year.  Equipment collection envelopes are in homerooms and collection will be handled by the teachers.

High School students:  You will need to turn in your ipads, cases and keyboards upon the completion of course work or finals.  Seniors will also need to turn in their charger block and cable.  All other grade levels should keep chargers for use next year.  Equipment collection envelopes are in homerooms. Please fill out the envelope legibly, place the required equipment inside and take the envelope to the library where the librarian will guide you to the correct table for drop-off.

After the technology department inspects the equipment, any items that are missing or damaged will be noted and parents will be invoiced.

If you wish to pay for missing items in advance, prices are as follows:

  • Charger Cable – $20
  • Charger Block – $20
  • Keyboards – $50 (High School Only)
  • iPad Case – $40

Damaged or broken equipment charges are based on insurance status and may vary.

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