On the May 26, 2020 board meeting the board voted to continue to feed students through June 30.  The weekly schedule will remain the same.
 The Jersey Shore Area School District will be distibuting meals for all children ages 18 and younger on Mondays and Thursdays. These meals will be distributed from 11 AM to 1 PM from Avis Elementary, Jersey Shore Area Elementary and Salladasburg Elementary. The children must be present to receive the meals. Due to the regulations of this program, we are not allowed to give extra meals, or meals for students/children who are not present. When picking up your meals in a car, please do not get out of the vehicle. Just pull up to the front entrance of the school and one of our folks helping with this program will come to your vehicle to assist you. If you are walking to one of these locations, please do not congregate around the schools. Once you are given your meals, please leave the area promptly. We are hoping our families are able to take advantage of this program during this time and are able to make it to one of these schools. The backpack program through the Love Center will continue as well. The backpacks will be given on Thursdays. High School and Middle School students who receive these backpacks will have their backpacks available at Jersey Shore Area Elementary. Again, any child 18 years old and younger will be distributed meals on Mondays and Thursdays.

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