Senior High School Online Credit Recovery Summer Program Registration

Jersey Shore Senior High School students wishing to take a summer course to recover credit may do so through The Keystone School: Credit Recovery Program.  This is an online platform. The cost for a course starts at $116 and may increase. All expenses are the responsibility of a parent/guardian. To participate in the program a student’s average in a course should range from 60-69. Any subject which has a corresponding Keystone Exam is not eligible for credit recovery.

Those interested in the summer program should contact their counselor no later than June 10, 2020 for registration information and to verify eligibility of a course. (9th grade: Mrs. Myers; 10th and 11th grade: Mrs. Barto; 12th grade and CTE: Mrs. Steppe) The courses will run from when a student registers to August 26, 2020. Any course not completed by 8/26/20, will have to be taken at the high school during the 2020-21 school year.

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