Superintendent’s Report

As presented to the Board of Directors on 9.28.20

The district is proud to announce receipt of The Bayer Fund’s $15,000 America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant. 

Statement read at the meeting:

Over the last week, The Board and I have been receiving messages from families and community members advocating that we do something about the 250 cap in spectators at athletic events. 


I need to make it clear that I am upset about it too. As a parent of an athlete, I find it troubling – but I didn’t create the rule. Our solicitor and insurance company have made it clear how dangerous it is for us to do something different that what we have been told to do. As an institution, we are funded by the state as a public school and we cannot jeopardize that relationship. 

We have consulted with our Solicitor, our Insurance Provider, PIAA, PSBA, PASA and regional schools.  The message continues to be comply with the order in place.

This board and I have been advocating for a resolution. This directive was given by the Governor. The legislature produced a bill to override it that the governor refused to sign. In turn, the legislature did not override his veto. The only judge that has acted covers the Western District of PA. 

This board and I do not have more power than the legislature, the governor or federal judges. While I appreciate how upset our parents are, your messages need to go to your elected officials in Harrisburg. Tonight, I am making a recommendation that will allow district officials to raise our capacity but, it will not be enacted until we have permission. Someone with authority higher than this board and I need to take action to bring a resolution. 

The Bulldog community stands behind our athletes and their families, we ask our elected officials to do the same.