Superintendent’s Report
As presented to the Board of Directors on 10.12.20

  • First, I would like to take a moment to say publicly that we wish the Milton Area School District the best.  While our team is sad that they did not get to play on Friday, we want everyone to be healthy and safe.
  • I continue to work through revision of board policies that need updated based on changes in school law or are out of date.  This meeting there are 5 for presentation. These are all impacted by Health and Safety Legislation.
  • I am working on an Equity Policy that will be presented in the future.  It is a new policy and will be informed by my attendance at the PSBA Equity Summit.
  • We have been approached by Mansfield University to enter into an agreement for their Early Start Program. Per JSASD policy, students can take these courses after this agreement is in effect; but cannot use them for JSASD credit.  Students can benefit from starting college early at a reduced rate.
  • My Entry Plan Report has been added to the website for the public and sent to all staff today.  I have crafted an action plan that resulted from the learning that occurred over the last 4 months.  I welcome any input on that plan, but will use it to push toward improvement of district systems.