Purpose: While head lice infestation is not a public health problem in terms of transmission of disease, it is certainly a nuisance problem for schools and families. Measures to control the spread of head lice are necessary to prevent reoccurrence and lengthy absenteeism as well as divert anxiety concerning lice infestation.

Authority: The parent / guardian is primarily responsible for checking their children for lice and nits. If lice or nits are present, the parent should notify the school nurse or principal and use a safe method to treat the child for the infestation.

The school nurse is responsible to educate children and parents to prevent and treat lice infestations. The school nurse will exclude any child with live lice +/or nits from school until treatment is rendered.


  1. School nurses will provide head checks for lice infestations when a suspected case is reported.  The exposed student and close contacts will be checked.
  2. Any student found to have lice/multiple nits will be excluded from school. All students must return to school within 48 hours of exclusion to be checked by the school nurse. If a student does not return to school within 48 hours additional absences will be considered unexcused and subject to fines per the attendance policy.
  3. When a confirmed case of lice is determined, close contacts such as friends, family, etc. will be checked.
  4. Written instructions on how to detect, treat, and prevent lice will be sent home with parent/guardian of excluded students
  5. Students may not ride school bus until checked by the school nurse.
  6. The student must be brought to school by an adult and have his/her head checked by the school nurse prior to entering class. If lice/nits are found the student will be sent home.
  7. All nits must be removed prior to returning to school.
  8. Parents should check nightly for lice/nits for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  9. Children and Youth may be called for chronic cases of lice/absenteeism.