Superintendent’s Office

Jersey Shore Area School District
175 A&P Drive
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
Phone: 570.398.1561
Fax: 570.398.5089 fax

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Superintendent Administration Building
Work Phone: 570.398.1566 x7164
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“The Superintendent has received a performance rating of satisfactory for the 18-19 school year.”

The Jersey Shore Area School District is a great place to live and work! Our school board, administrators, teachers, and staff continue to work together to develop programs and opportunities that serve the changing needs of students. Three elementary centers located in Avis, Jersey Shore, and Salladasburg serve students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. All three schools have all-day kindergarten for students just beginning their school experience.

The Jersey Shore Area Middle School configuration of grade level “teams” helps students continue to grow and succeed in all aspects of their life as they prepare for a transition to the high school, creating a stepping stone to the career and/or college pathway of their choice.

A wide range of career and/or college pathways are offered at the Jersey Shore Area Senior High School. Pathway offerings include Arts and Media Technology; Business, Finance, & Information Technology; Engineering & Industrial Technology; Health & Science Technology and Human Services which create exciting opportunities for our students.

Parents and community members are an integral part of the collaborative spirit that exists in our district. Our challenge is to ensure that each student has the educational experiences which allow them to learn, grow and succeed in the 21st Century. 

“Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself.”  John Dewey

Please take the time to visit our district and participate in the many exciting educational activities offered.

19-20 Superintendent Performance Objective Goals – Standard 9

  1. The Superintendent will work to build morale across the district by engaging in conversations, listening and considering thoughts/ideas as they are presented through multiple opportunities.
  2. The Superintendent will continue to work with the District Business Manager to improve the budget process.
  3. The Superintendent will continue to offer opportunities for direct communication to all stakeholders.
  4. The Superintendent will continue to work with the department heads and grade level leaders as necessary to ensure curriculum work continues.