Workplace Safety

The Purpose:

The purpose of the Safety Committee shall be to develop and maintain positive attitudes, awareness and practice regarding safety and health. The Safety Committee shall serve as an open forum for discussion of topics and issues relevant to the safety and health of all employees.

Goals and Objectives:

It shall be the responsibility of the Safety Committee to establish safety missions; goals and objectives based on Federal, State and Local Regulations and within recognized standards of practice in the fields of workplace and safety. The Committee shall research, discuss and develop plans, procedures, best practices, etc. to accomplish the missions, goals and objectives established by the Committee. All mission goals and objectives must have approval from the superintendent before any actions are taken.

Workplace Safety Committee Members

2023 – 2024

  • Chad Krape
  • Laura Osenbach
  • Ben Enders
  • Jon Jean
  • Kurt Jones
  • Judy Morlock
  • Kristin Petruzzi
  • Tracy Silvis
  • Vickie Allen


2023-2024 Workplace Safety Committee Meetings

2.20.2024 Meeting

1.16.2024 Meeting

12.20.2023 Meeting

11.21.2023 Meeting

10.09.2023 Meeting

8.21.2023 Meeting

7.11.2023 Meeting