Health and Safety Plan


Our Current Health and Safety Plan indicates that we will follow all orders in place.  The current plan will be updated and replaced with the new template by July 31, 2021. 

PA Department of Education Guidance to K-12 Schools

The FAQs can be found here.


This plan was created by 30 people who represented all stakeholders in the district – board, parents, administration, faculty, staff, transportation company, community members, local health partners.


This plan details our Facilities Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Ventilation procedures; Social Distancing and Other Safety Protocols; Monitoring Student and Staff Health procedures.


The Pandemic Team met 5 times for over 10 total hours starting on June 15, 2020.


This plan is a requirement to open schools in the fall.  It must be approved by the board, posted on the district website and submitted to PDE prior to opening schools.


The team process through each area of the plan, gained insight from PDE, the PA Department of Health, Geisinger, and other school districts.

Plan Summary Information


  • Health screening needs to be completed every morning by parents/guardians before sending a student to school.
  • Temperature scans conducted daily before entering buildings. Anyone with a temperate above 100.4* will be screened again by the nurse.
  • Each building will have an isolation space that will be used for suspected cases.
  • Masks/face shields required when not socially distanced per the Governor’s order.
  • Custodians will sanitize high touch areas regularly.
  • Buildings will be disinfected nightly.
  • Seats will be assigned in all areas to reduce exposure.
  • Buses will be cleaned daily.
  • Teachers will move instead of students to the extent possible to reduce exposure.
  • The PA Department of Health will handle all contract tracing and notification per the Department of Education guidance. JSASD will follow their direction.