Facility Dog Program

We are proud to introduce our new and exciting Facility Dog Program, featuring our beloved Kempton, a 19-month-old Golden Retriever! We understand the significance of creating a warm, supportive, and inclusive environment for our students and staff. In our ongoing commitment to enhance the educational experience and foster emotional well-being, we have partnered with Kempton, a furry friend who will make a lasting impact on our school community.

Kempton, our specially trained and certified 19-month-old Golden Retriever, is more than just a dog; he’s a dedicated member of our school family. His gentle nature, unwavering companionship, and intuitive understanding make him the perfect fit for our Facility Dog Program. Kempton will work alongside our school counselors, teachers, and support staff to promote a sense of safety, belonging, and connection within our school community.

In this introduction, we will explore the many ways in which Kempton and our Facility Dog Program will benefit our students, staff, and the entire school environment. From promoting emotional well-being to enhancing the educational experience, Kempton’s presence will undoubtedly play an integral role in making Jersey Shore Area High School a place where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered. Join us as we embark on this heartwarming journey, where the paws of Kempton, our newest team member, will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who come to our school.