"Caring is the essence of nursing."
- Jean Watson

The primary role of the school nurse is to support learning.  The school nurse serves as the health professional for the school community. The school nurse works to implement strategies that promote health and safety for students and staff. Some of the services include:

  • Illness and injury assessments and interventions
  • Screenings for health factors impacting student learning
  • Health assessments
  • Participation in development of Individualized Education Plan for students with special needs
  • Chronic disease management and education; Administering medications
  • Pediatric nursing procedures such as catherization, tracheostomy care, gastrostomy care
  • Provides health education to students, staff, and parents
  • Crisis team participation
  • Recommending guidelines for school district health policies
  • Serving as a health care provider liaison between the school and community

Each year, parents and guardians are asked to complete the Authorization for First Aid and Emergency Care Card.  Please make sure that we have valid phone numbers and contact information so that we are able to reach you in the case of an emergency. When changes occur to your contact information, please inform us immediately.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to call, email or visit the school nurses in order to discuss your child’s health concerns.  Please remember that a school nurse is not a doctor and may not diagnose an injury or illness.