Athletics Mission Statement

The Jersey Shore Area School District Athletic Department supports the philosophy that a quality interscholastic athletic program is vital to the positive social, physical, and educational development of students.  The interscholastic athletic program enhances and supports the academic mission of the school system.  We are committed to promoting the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play at all athletic contests.   We support high standards of good citizenship, along with the regard for the rights of others.

Being a member of the interscholastic athletic programs is a privilege to be earned and maintained throughout the season.  Each time participants step into a school or onto the practice field and anytime in a game they are expected to represent themselves in a responsible, sportsmanlike manner

It is our responsibility to provide challenging opportunities for our student-athletes to compete successfully at the league, district, and state levels.

At Jersey Shore:

In addition to embracing the JSASD Athletic Department philosophy; at Jersey Shore, we will also encourage and promote:

  • The belief that athletes should participate in multiple sports and not specialize in any one specific sport.
  • The concept of the broad-based participation is possible by offering all of the teams that we can, therefore extending the opportunity to participate to as many students as possible
  • The premise that all teams are considered vital for our student-athletes and each is a valued part of our athletic program.  No one sport is considered more important than any other.
  • The approach that all teams are treated as fairly as possible.