Lettering Procedures per Sport


  1. Any letter winner MUST complete the sports season in good standing with the team/squad and coaching staff.
  2. Any participant who is in a given sports program for four years (or 3 years when a 9th grade program is available) will receive a letter.
  3. Seniors who have been in a program for more than two years will receive a letter.
  4. Coaches reserve the right to letter individuals who do not meet the general

Requirements listed in #2 and 3 above or the individual sport requirements listed hereafter, but who they feel are deserving of a letter.

Given the prerequisites delineated above, individual requirements for earning a letter in each athletic endeavor offered at Jersey Shore are as follows:

Baseball Letter requirements

A player must obtain 100 “points” per school year, AND participate in over 50% of Varsity games, to be eligible for a Varsity Baseball letter. Points will we awarded for the following criteria:


Participation in the program: 5 points (20 max)

Remain academically eligible: 5 points (5 max)

Make the Honor Roll: 3 points (12 max)

Make distinguished Honor Roll: 5 points (20 max)

Attendance (IN season): 1-10 points (10 max)

Participate in a Varsity game: 4 points (80 max)

Get the winning decision as the pitcher: 2-5 points each

Return all equipment on time: 5 points (5 max)

Coach Award for attitude and behavior: 1-10 points (10 max)

Coach Award for outstanding sportsmanship: 1-10 points (10 max)



Poor behavior/attitude/sportsmanship: -5 per incident

Unexcused or Skipped games/practices: -5 per incident

Any ejection due to attitude/behavior/sportsmanship: -25 per incident

Players not returning all equipment/uniforms by scheduled time will NOT letter


Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball players lettering requirements:

In order to letter in basketball a player must receive at least 24 total points.

½ of a point is given for each quarter a player participates in.

There are 22 games in a regular season for a total of 88 quarters.

A player could letter if they played in ½ of the 88 quarters (44 quarters) and received ½ point for each quarter thus Giving them 24 total points.

Basketball players that are Seniors and have participated more than one year in the program also lettered.

Points can be given by each coach at their discretion if a player is involved with keeping statistics, being a team leader/Manager and/or helping with the overall positive advancement of their program.

Cheerleading lettering requirements

Each athlete who makes the Varsity squad will be awarded 100 pts.

The athlete will be responsible for keeping the points.

Varsity cheerleaders must have 90 points or higher in order to be eligible to letter.


Possible reasons for deductions:

5 points for each behavior demerit received

2 point for every unexcused game missed

1 points for every unexcused practice missed


Extra points are available:

2 points for every marking period on honor roll

4 points for every marking period on distinguished honor roll.

2 point sf or every scheduled community service, spirit day, cheer with JV, or other activity


**This will allow the athlete the opportunity to earn back any points that may have been lost.

Please keep in mind if you become academically ineligible you will not be permitted to cheer or letter until you are meeting the school based requirements for academics .

It is our belief if you cheer forVarsity Squad you should receive a Varsity letter. We have put our faith in youahead of time and have given each of you enough points to letter.

*Cheerleaders must initially make Varsity, girls bumped up after tryouts do not qualify for a varsity letter.


Football Lettering Requirements (2014)

 1-Play in 50% of the quarters of games

2-Start on a Special Teams Unit for the season

3-Start on Offense or Defense for three regular season games

4-The players’ season shortened due to injury for the season where the player would have achieved Criteria #1, #2 or #3.


Swimming lettering requirements

One or more of the following criteria must be met to earn an athletic letter in Swimming:

  • Qualify in a District individual event
  • Earn an average of 4 points per meet
  • Attend and swim at every practice. Swimmer must swim the entire practice for it to count
  • Senior swimmer who has not met the criteria listed above and swam for at least 2 seasons

**The final decision on whether a swimmer will letter is in the hands of Coach Kelly and coaching staff.

Boys Varsity Soccer Lettering Requirements

Any player who plays in at least half the varsity games

Qualified Player must also not receive a hard red (to coaches discretion)

Qualified Player must also not become academically ineligible more than once during the season

Girls Varsity Soccer Lettering Requirements

Any player that earns 25points or more and finishes the season in good standing will earn their varsity letter.

Point System:

You will receive ½ point for every varsity half you play in.

Then earn additional points by:

1.) Any fourth year senior earns 20 points. Three year seniors earn 8 points and 2 year seniors earn 5 pts.

2.) You can earn 3points for a goal.

3) You will earn 2points for an assist

4) You can earn 3 points for no late or missed practices.

5) You can earn 3 points for no team or school violations.

You can LOSE 2 points for every team and school violation.

6) You can earn 3 points for remaining academically eligible or 5 points for making the honor roll.

You will LOSE 3 points for EVERY time you become ineligible at any point in the season. You will lose3 points for every week that you are ineligible.

7) The coaching staff may award additional 1-15 points based on the players’ dedication, work ethic at practices and games, team spirit, enthusiasm, and/or attitude. This is added at the end of the season.


Softball lettering requirements

100 points must be reached to earn a Varsity letter.

4 points per Varsity game played in is earned.

5 points per year of participation in program is earned.

5 points for being academically eligible is earned.

10 points is earned for being on the Honor Roll.

15 points are earned for being on the distinguished honor roll.

10 points are earned for no missed practices or games.

5 points are earned for having all equipment and uniforms handed in by deadline.

15 points earned for good attitude and behavior.

Points can also be deducted for the following.

-5 points per behavioral/attitude problem per incident.

-5 for unexcused absence practices or games.

Player will not letter if they fail to turn in equipment/uniforms on time.

Bonus points can be earned for the following.

10 points can be earned for participating in all fundraising and 5 points for participating in half of the fundraising.

10 points can be earned for attending at least 50 % of off season work outs.

10 Bonus points can be earned for any player demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship

5 points can be earned for each off season tournament attended.


Girls Tennis lettering requirements:

Players must earn 20varsity letter points

1Point –Playing in a varsity match

1Point—winning a varsity match

1/2point—playing jv Match

1/2 point for winning a JV match

Players MUST return all gear cleaned and repaired at the end of the season.

Players must be eligible academically.

Any senior out for team for 4 years who does not qualify for a letter may be awarded one by the coach.

Boys Tennis lettering requirements:

Must compete in at least 50% of the varsity matches. Seniors who competed for 4 years as a member of the squad may also letter even if they haven’t participated in a varsity match, (attendance at all practice and matches are a must for this situation)


Track and Field Lettering Requirements

Must score 15 points in meets during the year

In a dual meet

5 for 1st

3 for 2nd

1 for 3rd

Relay members split the 5 points for 1st

In an invitational

Usually is scored as follows:

10 for 1st

8 for 2nd

6 for 3rd

5 for 4th

4 for 5th

3 for 6th

2 for 7th

1 for 8th

Relay members earn all points. No splitting points.





Wrestling Lettering Requirements:

20 points needed to Letter:

Participating in a match(1 point) or 2 points for a regular decision,     or2.5 points for winning by major decision, or 3 for winning by technical fall, or 4 points for winning by pin, default, or

Disqualification. 5points qualifying for Regionals, 10 points qualifying for states