McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance

Jersey Shore Area School District
Procedures for Homeless Enrollment and Services
When a student is identifying as homeless, the following procedures will be followed:

  • The district will facilitate the student’s immediate enrollment in school or immediate status as homeless for previously enrolled students.
  • The homeless student intake form will be completed to collect information on the family and ensure the needs of the student are met. The intake form will be completed by the district’s registrar for newly enrolled students.  The intake form will be completed by a building administrator or guidance counselor for previously enrolled students.
  • Transportation will be arranged, if necessary, by the district’s transportation coordinator.
  • School administrator(s) and counselor(s) will be informed that the student is homeless by registrar or director of pupil services. Other school supports (i.e., Title 1, gifted, special education, ESL, etc.) will be put in place, if necessary.
  • The registrar or director of pupil services will alert food service to provide free breakfast and lunch.
  • The school outreach worker will work with families to assist with housing and any other needs the student may have that could impact their ability to attend school.
  • If necessary, supplies will be purchased by school administrator(s) for families using funds set aside for homeless student support.
  • Building administrator(s) will stay in contact with families during their period of homelessness to ensure needs are being met and that the student is attending school.
  • The school outreach worker will assist with making referrals to community agencies and C&Y if requested by the family.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Data entered monthly into homeless tracking system.
  • Data reported to regional homeless coordinator as requested.
  • The director of pupil services will train all district administrators yearly on McKinney Vento law and procedures in JSASD for identifying and supporting homeless students. Administrators will train building staff annually.    

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