Title I at Jersey Shore Area Elementary

Title I at Jersey Shore Area Elementary

The Jersey Shore Area School District receives Federal Title I funding each year.  The purpose of Title I funding is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  JSASD uses Title I funds to provide five highly qualified reading specialists across the district at the elementary level.  Three of these reading teachers are located at Jersey Shore Elementary.  The primary role of our Title I reading teachers is to provide intervention to students in grades K-3 who are not meeting benchmarks in reading.  Qualifying students are determined by their performance on Acadience Reading, an assessment used to measure the acquisition of early literacy skills. Acadience Reading benchmark goals are target scores that represent adequate reading skill for a particular grade and time of year.  Students whose scores fall below the benchmark goal qualify to receive Title I reading instruction in addition to their regular classroom instruction.  For more information on Acadience Reading, visit the website at www.acadiencelearning.org

Mrs. Jennifer Ingraham is the Reading Department Coordinator for the district and is a Title I Reading Teacher here at Jersey Shore Elementary.  Mrs. Ingraham can be contacted at jingraham@jsasd.org.

Mrs. Angela Feerrar is a Title 1 Reading Teacher at Jersey Shore Elementary.  Mrs. Feerrar can be reached via email at afeerrar@jsasd.org.

Mrs. Emily Hubert is a part-time Title I Reading Teacher at Jersey Shore Elementary.  Mrs. Hubert can be reached via email at ebuttorff@jsasd.org.

Jersey Shore Elementary has two Title I Reading Assistants, Mrs. Karen Wells and Mrs. Brenda Mumma. 

For questions regarding Title I or reading instruction, please contact Ms. Adrienne Johnston, Principal at 570-398-7120. 

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