Remote Learning Software

Microsoft Teams is a widely used collaboration software. At JSASD, we use Teams as a primary learning management system for our elementary schools, as well as a supplemental collaboration tool for the Middle School and High School. Elementary school assignments are delivered remotely through Teams

On an iPad

  1. Open the self-service app
  2. Search for Teams
  3. Download the app
  4. Find and open the app
  5. Sign in with your district email (ex. and password
  6. If prompted, select School/Work account


  1. Open the Microsoft Teams sign in page
  2. Sign in with your district email (ex. and password
  3. If prompted, select School/Work account

Please visit the Microsoft Teams training page for more helpful guides on how to use Teams.

Schoology is our primary learning management software for the Middle School and High School. Assignments are delivered through Schoology at these levels.

On an iPad

  1. Open the self-service app
  2. Search for Schoology
  3. Download the app
  4. Find and open the app
  5. Tap “Log in through your School” and find Jersey Shore Area School District
  6. Log in with district email (ex. and password.


  1. Navigate to the JSASD district home page (This is critical, don’t just google Schoology and try to log in!)
  2. Click student links on the left
  3. Click Schoology
  4. Log in with your district email (ex. and password


The iPad

Before using apps at home, you must authenticate with our web filter. Please click the web filter tutorial below.

The iPad is a device provided by the Jersey Shore Area School District to all students. Each student has access to a device, which is registered to their district account.

Starting at the “Hello” screen

  1. Set language to English
  2. Set country to U.S.
  3. Tap Set up manually
  4. Connect the device to your network, or JS-Student if inside the district
  5. Click next on the Remote Management page
  6. Sign in with your district email and password
  7. The iPad may take a few moments to set up
  8. Enable location services
  9. Once at the homepage, district apps will download – the speed at which they become available is entirely dependent on network speed

A common step in the troubleshooting process is to wipe and reset the iPad. This can solve a multitude of problems the iPad might be having.

Please download and view the following instructions:

Factory Reset a District iPad.pdf



Please view the following PDF for instructions

Connecting an iPad to Wifi.pdf


Often, students who have issues using certain apps need to authenticate with our remote web filter. This will have to be done around once a month.

  1. Attempt to navigate to any website in Safari or Chrome (such as
  2. You will be prompted with the Content Keeper login page
  3. Log in with your district username (ex. 20jlusk) and password

You should now be able to connect to websites and apps


All district apps are available through the Self Service App.

To access, find this icon.

(Located at the bottom of the home screen by default)


  1. Swipe down from the top of the home screen to pull up the search bar
  2. Type Self Service
  3. Tap this icon

Inside Self Service, you can search and download apps just like in the App Store

If your iPad is damaged at home, you will need to bring it to the District Office to be assessed and repaired/replaced when necessary. Damages that may require a complete replacement includes cracked or damaged screen, iPad unable to power on, bent or damaged iPad, inability to charge iPad, etc.

If the device is damaged or needs repaired

  1. Contact the IT department at 570-398-5251 to set up an appointment
  2. Arrive at the JSASD Administration Building at the meeting time

    175 A&P Drive
    Jersey Shore, PA 17740

  3. Call the IT department from the parking lot, or ring the bell at the front door
  4. A member of the IT staff will be out to retrieve or replace the device

Offline access

This is a tutorial on how to make content available without internet access. Be sure to follow along while connected to a network (i.e. while still at school).

Making Content Available Offline – OneDrive iOS

JSASD Elementary Schools

JSASD Elementary Schools

Please find more details on the standard operating procedure and expectations for remote learning at JSE below!

You can download the following printable PDF files or click the plus buttons below to read more.

JSASD Elementary Remote Learning Expectations 2020-21.pdf

JSASD Elementary 2020-21 Remote ATTENDANCE SOP Parents.pdf

JSASD Elementary Schools

BARK Home Learning Expectations for Remote Instruction

Expectations for Parents

Be respectful and school-appropriate at all times

Please monitor your children as they access the online learning environment.  Students need to refrain from disrespectful or disruptive behavior in the online classroom.  Teachers reserve the right to mute and to turn off video of students whose behavior interrupts the learning environment. 

Act Responsibly

Please prepare your children to be engaged in the online learning classroom prior to each live lesson.  Have students sit at a desk, table, or counter where their device can sit on a flat surface.  Lying down or lounging can make it difficult to hear the student’s voice, and it is not the most conducive to actively participating.  It will be helpful for students to have a good breakfast or snack prior to morning lessons and a good lunch or snack prior to afternoon lessons.  Encourage your children to use the bathroom prior to logging in to each session to avoid unnecessary interruptions. 

Be punctual

Ensure the student’s iPad is available and fully charged.  Please make sure to log into live lessons a few minutes prior to the start time of the lesson.  This will allow lessons to start on time and give students the best learning experience possible.  If your child is unable to attend a lesson, please email his/her teacher so the teacher is not concerned about your child’s lack of attendance.  Teachers may record lessons to share them with classroom families who were not able to attend the live session.  Of course, it is best for students to participate in the live lessons in most cases, but we do understand that this will not always be possible. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Find a space in your residence that is free from distractions where you can also be comfortable and focus on connecting with your class (i.e. desk, kitchen table).  Be mindful of your surroundings and what may be seen while you are on video and remove noisy distractions like pets, toys, TV and music.  Help your child learn to mute his/her microphone when not speaking.  If you have multiple children, try to have them work in separate areas of the home if possible.

Respect privacy

As you support your child’s remote learning, please be mindful of the privacy of other students in the class.  Younger students will require time to adjust to this environment and may forget they are on camera and do or say something silly.  Please encourage your children to be especially patient and empathetic to others as they learn and grow as remote learners.  Adults, other than the teacher, should avoid interacting with the other students during live meetings/instruction.

Speak Clearly

Help your child practice speaking clearly in the online classroom setting.  This may take some practice, as younger students don’t always have an understanding of how their voice sounds through a mic.  Have some fun practicing this with your child and getting them used to hearing themselves speak into a mic prior to joining a virtual classroom. 

Remember Safety:  Recording of class activities by anyone other than the teacher is prohibited

Neither the student nor parent may record, share, or alter the content of live class-related activities.  Students may not record any live activity with other students.  In cases where a teacher does record a class lesson, he or she will make that recording available only to the students in the class.  This posting will happen through secure means.  Any sharing of that recording by anyone other than a school official is prohibited. 

Dress appropriately

Though we understand that remaining in your homes encourages a more relaxed dress code than the school environment, please follow the school dress code guidelines in order to create a learning environment free of distractions.  If your child would not wear something to school, he/she should not wear that item during a live lesson.

Keep a consistent schedule

Keep a copy of your chlid’s daily schedule available for reference throughout the day.  Help your child check Teams every day.

Encourage while giving space for students to learn independently

Encourage your child to attempt work that is challenging but do not offer hints or suggestions to help them find answers.  Allow students to do their own work.


Communicate with teachers regularly via Class Dojo, Teams, or email regarding any questions or issues that arise.  Teachers will respond when they are not instructing during the teacher workday.  If your child is having trouble completing work, contact the teacher to schedule a time for an online meeting.  Please contact the JSE office at 570-398-7120 with any other questions or if there are problems communicating with the teacher. 



Expectations for Students:  Keep on Learning

Being an online learner: 

  • Open Teams every day and check for notifications.
  • Join Teams meetings as scheduled (with the help of adults in the home if needed)
  • Keep a calm body and a quiet voice when the teacher or other students are talking (just like in class).
  • Listen to the adults in your home as well as your teachers to complete your work.
  • Use your school iPad for schoolwork only so the battery stays charged.
  • Plug in your school iPad before going to bed each night so it is fully charged in the morning.
  • Please only use the Teams chat feature as requested by your teacher for school purposes. Students should not use the chat feature to communicate with friends unless it is requested by the teacher as part of a class activity.
  • Students may not use the call feature to contact others.
  • Students may not initiate their own Teams meeting. Only teachers can initiate a meeting.


  • Teachers will have student check-ins during their lessons or videos to verify student participation.
  • Students must have all assignments from the previous week completed by Sunday at 5:00 p.m.
  • Absences will be tracked and families will be notified of absences via a One Call Message created by the principals.
  • Failure to complete daily check-in for 1-2 subjects = Half day absence
  • Failure to complete daily check-in for 3 or more subjects = Full day absence
  • Subjects= ELA, Math, WIN, Science/S.S./Second Step, P.E., Art, Music, Library, Computer, Health
  • Normal attendance policies will be followed when issuing 5-day letters and 10-day letters.
  • The principals will call families to schedule an Attendance Improvement Conference (AIC) to create a School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) after 3 unexcused absences occur.