Community Update 10.8.21

Hello Jersey Shore Community,

Earlier this week, the district was informed that beginning today, the Department of Health will
alter our reporting process for positive cases and contact tracing.

This change will not impact how we contact trace at school. The process and guidelines will
stay the same. You will also still receive notification if anyone was positive in the school that
your student attends.

The change will be seen by anyone who is a positive case and anyone who has to quarantine.
Starting on Friday, October 8th any positive case or close contact will receive a copy of a letter
from the Department of Health that the district will provide. It will clearly state the name of
the person and give instructions that must be followed for quarantine. These cases will no
longer receive contact from DOH. The letters will be copied to DOH after distribution and be
maintained in their records to verify case counts. The district has been authorized to provide
these letters and issue quarantine directives using these letters.

Thank you,

Dr. Ulmer