Community Letter 12.5.2021 (December 6th FID Day)

December 5, 2021

Hello Jersey Shore Community,

On Friday, I communicated that the district was the subject of a cyber attack. Our team and vendors worked over the weekend to get systems back in order. At this point, we do not have all systems operational. One of the key systems is our district wireless network. One of the concerns that we had on Friday was the operation of our phone system. I agree that this is a security concern, and we are working to get that restored.

Many of the have systems that students use to learn are cloud hosted and can be accessed from their iPad through any network connection. These systems are not impacted and as of now, they cannot be accessed within the district.

The district is going to operate tomorrow, December 6, 2021, as a Flexible Instruction Day. Please click here to review the schedule and information for the day. Individual teachers will communicate via email, Schoology messaging or Teams Chat regarding their class sessions.

The School Board Reorganization Meeting scheduled for Monday evening at 7pm will still be held, but livestreaming may not be possible.

The team and I were holding out hope that this was not the avenue that we had to take, but as of now it is the best solution to continue student learning while we work internally to resolve the issue.

Thank you,

Dr. Ulmer