Jersey Shore Online Learning

The Jersey Shore Area School District, in conjunction with BLaST Intermediate Unit 17, offers district students the opportunity to enroll in the program of online courses as a means of fulfilling their educational requirements.  Jersey Shore Online Learning students are full-time Jersey Shore Area School District students who may participate in academic, co-curricular, athletic, and social activities available to all District students. A student’s progress and achievement will be monitored and assessed throughout his/her enrollment in the program.

JSOL Guidelines 10.21.20 (pdf)
JSOL Brochure (pdf)
JSOL FAQs 10.19.20 (pdf)
JSOL General Orientation Video
JSOL Elementary Orientation
JSOL Family Journal Pages
Grades 9-12 Attendace

For more information on Jersey Shore Area School District’s Online Learning Program, please contact:

Holly Barto – 570-398-7170  x1009 or  for High School Students

Katie Steppe – 570-398-7170  x1008 or for High School Students

Mallory Myers – 570-398-7170  x1009 or for Middle School Students

Jennifer Berry-Propst – 570.398.7120 x4112 or for Elementary Students