Community Letter 8-31-2021

August 31, 2021

Hello Jersey Shore Community,

I am aware of the Governor’s order that students in schools must wear masks beginning September 7, 2021.  As indicated in our Board-approved Health and Safety Plan, the district will comply with all State Orders.

For full text of the order, please access this link – Order of the Acting Secretary Directing Face Coverings in Schools.pdf (

Here are a few highlights:

  1. The order will take effect on Tuesday, 9/7/21.
  2. There are exemptions listed under section 3.  Note that the district must provide reasonable accommodations for individuals who state they have a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that makes it unreasonable for the person to maintain a face covering.
  3. Masks are not required indoors if engaging in physical activity (physical education or sports practice), eating, drinking, or playing an instrument that would be obstructed by a mask.
  4. Signs will be posted at all district entrances per the order.
  5. This order remains in effect until further notice but will be re-evaluated by October 1, 2021 by State Officials.

Please see the FAQ document here – Answers to FAQs (  One of the important answers in the FAQ is the that there are consequences related to failure to comply.

We are required to report positive cases of staff or students to the PA Department of Health (DOH).  If a family member tests positive, we need to know that information and will work with families to educate children that are quarantined. Quarantine orders must come from DOH and are not issued by the district. The DOH has changed course and we will be isolating close contacts until they can notify families to quarantine.

Please remember that no one should enter our buildings if they are experiencing COVID symptoms.

Thank you,

Dr. Ulmer