Jersey Shore High School

Building Opens: 7:30 AM
Academic Start Time – 8:00 AM
Dismissal – 3:15 PM

701 Cemetery Street, Jersey Shore, PA 17740
Phone: 570.398.7170
Fax: 570.398.5612

Welcome to the Jersey Shore Senior High School website.

We thank you for taking time to learn more about what our high school and district have to offer students. The faculty and staff at Jersey Shore High School are committed to helping all students succeed. We aspire to create a positive learning environment that helps our learners grow in a way that will positively impact our society. At the high school, our main objective is to provide students with a structured path to graduation that prepares all students to enter the workforce, attend college, or join the military. Regardless of the path chosen by the student, we want all students to be prepared so that they have a choice. We encourage our students to set high expectations for their performance and be self-disciplined in conduct, attendance, and attitude. 

Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE that healthy student/teacher relationships arise from learning environments with VARIED INSTRUCTION, CLEAR EXPECTATIONS, CONSISTENT DISCIPLINE, and POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.  These practices FOSTER intrinsic MOTIVATION, increased FOCUS, and life-longer LEARNERS.  We further believe that meaningful RELATIONSHIPS between staff, parents (family), and students are best accomplished by establishing a culture of mutual RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESOURCEFULNESS as modeled by the school board, administration, teachers and support staff.

2022-2023 High School Student Handbook

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Click on the picture to apply now for 2022-2023 Free or Reduced Meals at our new website. You can apply quickly and easily from your computer, phone, or tablet.

You can download the application here or contact 2022-2023 Welcome Letter to Studentsyour school office for a printed copy.

Approved Procedure for Food Service Charges and Negative Balances

Adopted: September 14,2015 Amended: October 12, 2015 Rationale: The purpose of developing approved procedures is to clarify for everyone involved (parents, students, administrators, food service employees) the procedure to address and resolve charging and negative balance issues. We know for Read More …

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Shared Food Procedure

Changes to Shared Food Procedures As the Jersey Shore School District continues to provide a safe and healthy environment for students. All food that will be shared with or given to students must be arranged through The Nutrition Group. The Read More …

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