Physical Information

ALL physicals must be completed on the CIPPE FORM and all athletes must complete the STUDENT ATHLETIC CONTRACT 

  • All students must turn in a completed physical form prior to participating in an athletic season.
  • All students must have a new physical for each school year. The physical MUST be on the CIPPE form and can not be dated before June 1.
  • There is a $40.00 per season non-refundable participation fee.
  • If a student participated in a Fall Sport then they need to fill out and return the recertification physical contract. If the student did not participate in a Fall Sport, then they need to fill out the entire Physical Contract.
  • If you played a Fall Sport and you answered “NO” to all of the questions on the recertification (Section 6) page of the CIPPE form, then your parent needs to sign the paper and you return it to the Nurse.  You are only required to get one physical for the entire school year unless you had an injury as stated in the recertification section of the CIPPE form.
  • Physicals are held once a year in June.  Dates and times will be listed on the front page of the athletic website.
  • If you have further questions, please contact Serena Henry, Athletic Director at 570-398-2980.

Comprehensive Initial Physical Application
Any student wishing to initially participate in a fall, winter or spring sport, must fill out the attached form and have a comprehensive physical by a licensed physician.

The physicians form on the last page of this document must be filled out for your child to participate. A note from your doctor will not suffice.

Please be aware that the Physical form has changed, the physical form below is the most up to date form. No other physical forms will be accepted.

Comprehensive Physical Form

Physical Recertification Form
Every student that turned in an initial physical form and wishes to participate in a sport in a subsequent season is required to fill out the attached form.

As an example; if your child played football in the fall, and was going out for wrestling in the winter, they would need to fill out a recertification form.  Likewise if that same student then decided to go out for track another recertification packet must be filled out.

Physical Recertification Form